“Where is our bladder scanner?”

“Where is our bladder scanner?”

A question to our NHS contacts!

How many times a day and in how many hospitals across the whole NHS must a similar conversation take place?????

….. Ring Ring,

Donna : “Ward 9, hello how can I help”

Amanda : “Hello, have you seen ward 6’s bladder scanner, its ward sister Amanda Cee here”

Donna : “No sorry, we did have it but Rachel from Ward 8 came and borrowed it last night”

Amanda : “Thanks.”

….. Ring Ring

Rachel : “Ward 8, hello how can I help”

Amanda i “Hi is that Rachel, how are you? It’s Amanda here, you ok?”

Rachel : “Yes just knackered I have been on 7 straight back to back night shifts and I am ready for my bed TBH.”

Amanda : “Do you have our bladder scanner, Donna from Ward 8 said you borrowed it. “

Rachel : “I think it’s in our locked store cupboard. I will just go and check……….

……… Yeah sorry Tom stopped me he is going to need it, but I will have him come and drop it off when he finishes his rounds. Ours broke last night, no one has come to pick it up to repair it. Not sure if anyone has rang it in this morning, Med physics don’t start till 830, in 45 minutes.”

Amanda : “I really need it now. I will send someone over to get in 10 minutes if that’s ok and you can come back and use it this afternoon”

Rachel : We really need one of our own if only management would see how futile this is and how often this happens”.

Clinicians, Do you want to spend 102 minutes or literally 2 minutes?

We can see that 1 hr 42 minutes can be spent, not treating patient on this one item…

1) After the first hunt for the bladder scanner across the whole of Ward 6 drew a blank. (.2hr)

2) The actual location of the bladder scanner was unknown. (.1 hr)

2) There was a broken unit that nobody had reported to be repaired from ward 8 yet. (.3 hr)

3) There were at least 2 + 1 phone calls hunting and reporting. (.2 hr)

4) >8 journeys to hunt, borrow, borrow, collect, find broken, collect, repair, deliver (.6 hr)

5) The hunt cycle is repeated for the maintenance staff to find the broken device too. (.3 hr)

( 1.7hrs) or 1 hr and 42 minutes

Floki’s method 1 min 48 sec, clinical time.

We have build a live digital dashboard displaying Status Asset Location Time of all tagged medical devices, combined with a mobile app that can be used to scan, alert or report any device that’s broken, within its ward or GPS location.

(.01hr) Check location of bladder scanner on wall mounted digital dashboard
(.01hr) Flag for “Return to ward” mobile app or desktop.
(.01 hr) Flag ward 8’s badder scanner for repair and replace off ward 9
(.1 hr) Borrow Journey ( could now be a porter)
(.1 hr) Collect journey ( could now be a porter)
(.1 hr) Collect Broken ( could now be a porter)
(.1 hr) Return Fixed ( could now be a porter)

1 min 48 seconds Clinician time

  • 24 mins porter time

There is also vital data on usage, device movement, condition, and critical levels of ward’s assets in real time.

Next post we will discuss the demands of equipment flow out of A&E.

(Note these are fictitious characters but indicative of both time and typical problems)