Innovative healthcare technology that helps hospitals with the tracking, monitoring and management of medical devices.

How it works

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Bluetooth beacons are attached to medical devices, sending data to gateways and the mobile app. The BLE beacons are ultra low energy consumption, can last for a long time and are simple to replace.


Working with the BLE beacons, the gateways are fixed in positions around the ward. This allows hospital staff to determine the promixity and compliance of much-needed medical devices.

Mobile App

Hospital staff use our mobile app to locate, scan and flag medical devices for repair. Reducing the time spent searching for and managing hospital devices – so more time can be spent dedicated to patient care.

Business Intelligence

Management gain invaluable insight into all areas of medical device management. Providing evidence needed to make decisions about asset redundancy, procurement and repair.


Hospital staff receive alerts including the location of devices that are broken, non-compliant, misplaced or in-demand. Ensuring necessary devices stay in circulation for hospital use.


A combination of QR codes and NHS barcodes allow for easy monitoring, management and reporting of medical devices at every level. Devices can be found, fixed and updated faster than ever before.

Powerful analytics provide invaluable business insights into the location, management and compliance of medical devices.

Business Intelligence

Patients come first

Save time for ward staff so they can maximise patient care.

Ensuring compliance

Gain insight into medical device compliance, including the value of compliant and non-compliant assets.

Business intelligence on demand

Access the data you need to make evidence-based decisions about the management of medical devices.

Discover new opportunities

Bring data to the forefront of every decision and allow innovation to spark new opportunities.

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