Our Technology
How the FloKi technology improves the lives of NHS staff and patients
We use Bluetooth technology to help NHS staff locate and manage medical equipment
Saving time, money and hassle for NHS staff and patients with cutting edge technology.

At FloKi, we work with NHS staff to develop a solution to the medical device problem. We know that nurses are spending ‘over an hour per shift‘ searching for the equipment they need to do their job, now they can use our bespoke Mobile App or Desktop Dashboard to find, monitor and manage medical devices

Floki Community Equipment - QR Platform

Looking for a simple, high impact solution to track your medical devices in the community, This single QR-code when applied to your medical devices can interact with Floki’s Platform.

The FloKi Technology
Bluetooth Low Energy

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons are attached to medical devices, sending data to gateways and the mobile app. The BLE beacons are ultra-low energy consumption, can last for a long time and are simple to replace.


Our platform integrates into NHS secure WiFi to transmit data to existing systems, handheld devices and desktop computers.

More about how we integrate and keep data safe.


We use GPS technology to track and manage medical equipment in the community, saving time and money for the NHS and its partners.

Find out more about how we use GPS.

FloKi desktop dashboard
Powerful analytics provide invaluable business insights into the location, management and compliance of medical devices.
  • Patients come first

Save time for ward staff so they can maximise patient care.

  • Ensuring compliance

Gain insight into medical device compliance, including the value of compliant and non-compliant assets.

  • Business intelligence on demand

Access the data you need to make evidence-based decisions about the management of medical devices.

  • Discover new opportunities

Bring data to the forefront of every decision and allow innovation to spark new opportunities.

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