Asset Management for NHS Trusts
Saving the NHS time, money and hassle.

FloKi Health’s asset management solution for medical equipment puts the power back in the hands of those who need it most. Ward staff can easily locate the assets they need at the click of a button, while engineers can monitor when vital equipment needs maintenance or compliance work. We use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to enable the tracking, management and maintenance of medical equipment across every ward.

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Our Medical Device Management Technology
Discover how we use powerful technology to manage medical devices at NHS hospitals.
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We're not about providing out-the-box solutions and leaving you to get on with things. We want to make you and your Trust a part of our development process. After all, nobody knows your situation better than you. From here, we can create great technology that helps you save time and money for the NHS.
  • Working together with the Trust to create a powerful solution
  • Cross-departmental relationships: collaborating with clinicians, engineers, facilities management and higher management.
  • Actively growing and developing the platform to meet the Trusts' needs
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Save time, money and hassle with a fully integrated medical device management platform
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