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July 23, 2019 News 0 Comments

Mobile app development nears completion

FloKi Health is nearing completion of the mobile app that will allow hospital staff to track, maintain and manage medical devices.

The innovative healthcare technology company is working with Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital (NSECH) to improve the management of medical devices.

Currently, ward staff are distracted from patient care by hunting down necessary medical devices. Often devices are misplaced, broken and, if hidden may even be non-compliant.

The Northumberland-based company is working with management and clinicians at NSECH to bring problem-solving technology to the fingertips of busy ward staff. Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, we’ve developed a mobile app that gives ward staff the power to find medical devices, such as bladder scanners and ultrasounds, and other critical devices.

Instead of spending time on the hunt for necessary devices, hospital staff can focus their attention on what matters most – patient care.

The mobile app also sends data to hospital management. From the Online Client Portal, they can view invaluable insights into the location, compliance and value of medical devices across the hospital.

The app boasts several important functionalities, including a Hunt feature, which shows the ward staff the nearest device of their choice.

Ward staff can also report broken and non-compliant devices using the app. This sends an alert to the Medical Device Management team, who will repair/carry out necessary compliance checks at their earliest convenience.

Michael Dunn, Chief Technology Officer at FloKi Health, has worked closely with NHS staff to find their real requirements from a technology solution.

He has led on the development of this app he hopes will transform the way the NHS views medical devices.

It’s been amazing to know that this technology will not only improve the day-to-day working of the hospital ward, but it will also give staff the time they need to provide optimum patient care.

“Everything we do, we do because of the patients. By saving time, money and hassle for the NHS, the mobile app will improve operations at several levels.

“The team is looking forward to working with other hospitals to roll-out the FloKi technology far and wide.

Michael Dunn at FloKi Health