How hospitals can track and locate equipment in the community

How hospitals can track and locate equipment in the community

For over three years, we’ve worked to develop and deliver a state-of-the-art asset management platform specifically designed to allow NHS Trusts to find, monitor and manage medical equipment in hospital wards.

During a workshop with NHS staff, we identified a need to grow the FloKi platform to not only allow for asset management in the hospitals – but in the community, too.

Earlier in the year, I asked for recommendations of a GPS supplier so we could explore this possibility and apply our existing knowledge to solving this problem. And then, the pandemic hit and the need for a GPS tracking technology for community loan equipment became an even higher priority.

Pivot and push

Although this has been on our roadmap for some time, it is the call of a crisis that focuses the mind. Two development sprints later and we were able to integrate two technical solutions.

Pairing a GPS device to an asset in the “Trust’s Database” and displaying on our dashboard. This allows many solutions, first in the mind of the NHS staff then into reality. 

Pivot and push ….


It’s so important to choose a good foundation partner. We are delighted with our choice, as well as our decision to have Google host the platform.  

The partnership has already has paid dividend with great API’s for us to use geofences. With super uptime, reliability, and security we are able to scale our solution with ease. 


Looking forward, we’re excited to work with new NHS Trusts, hardware and software partners. We have some thoughts for Google Health collaborations in the future, too.

Opportunities do come from hard times, that’s for sure; and the attitude of the FloKi team makes me proud. We make tools that help staff fulfil their jobs, and that’s what keeps us going.

The use-case 

One NHS Trust had 374 morphine pumps. These were split between the community loan and the hospital wards. That’s some £500K’s worth of inventory floating in various locations and difficult to manage, for both the equipment team and for maintenance.

Administering potentially lethal levels of drugs, maintenance is of paramount importance. 

For the cost equivalent of 15 pumps (approx..4%) we could locate, check the compliance, and develop work flows for these assets. Reducing risk, lower the required number and thus their maintenance costs.

The question is…. 

Q.  Does this present a big enough benefit? 

A.  The FloKi platform provides the capability to extend to other assets. Applications like transportation of blood, meds, and organs. It sits on the same platform as ward devices and is evolving to meet the use cases of clinical staff. We know this for sure – improved control has to lead to more efficient workflow.

Only the fullness of time can Trusts answer this amongst many compelling use cases…

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