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July 19, 2019 News 0 Comments

Bringing patient care to the forefront at Cramlington hospital

FloKi Health has rolled out innovative technology at Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital (NSEC), giving staff the resources they need to prioritise patient care over time spent finding and managing medical devices.

The Northumberland-based company has developed tracking technology that allows hospitals to track, maintain and manage medical devices from the ward. 

FloKi has been awarded a contract to roll-out the technology to the full £75m facility in Cramlington, which first opened its doors in summer 2015. The technology boasts a unique tracking system and Bluetooth beacons to tag and locate medical devices across the hospital’s three storeys.

Ward staff can find tagged devices, such as bladder scanners and ultrasounds, using an app installed on hospital devices. Devices are also marked for repair and maintenance, which is then picked up by the Medical Device Team.

Not only does FloKi expedite the medical device process, but it also allows ward staff to dedicate the time previously spent searching for and managing devices to what they do best – looking after patients.

At a management level, the trust can gain valuable insights into medical device management, including device compliance rate, lost/inactive devices and total device value. FloKi delivers critical information to the fingertips of NHS management, so they can make evidence-based decisions about the acquisition, compliance and management of medical devices.

Fenwick Smith, Chief Executive of FloKi Health, is delighted that the technology is already working its magic at NSEC, he said: “It’s a pleasure to make a real difference to the patient care at NSEC. 

“FloKi’s technology solves a huge problem the NHS has dealt with for a long time. Now, staff are able to track, manage and maintain value medical devices across the three-storey hospital, freeing up valuable resource to maximise patient care.

“We’re looking forward to rolling out the FloKi technology to other hospitals soon, bringing technology to the forefront of the Trusts’ evidence-based decision making.”

The forward-thinking hospital has embraced the opportunity to save time and money by implementing FloKi Health’s unique tracking and monitoring processes.