Behind the scenes at FloKi
Who we are and what makes us tick
About FloKi Health
At FloKi Health, we deliver technological solutions to enable the delivery of great patient care across the NHS and beyond. Whilst Floki is a private company, we are bound by the same NHS mantra to ‘making a difference to the lives of patients and clinicians.’ A high-ranking selection criteria for the FloKi team is to have passion to make a difference, using skills, determination and vision to improve the state of the nation.
Fenwick Smith
Fenwick Smith - Chief Executive

Fenwick spent 8 months of 2016 on crutches, being pulled from pillar to post in the NHS. He looked at the strain of NHS and vowed that, once he was back on his feet, he’d strive to make a difference.

A qualified engineer and lifetime entrepreneur, Fenwick has dedicated 20+ years leading technology businesses and deploying innovative processes. He applied this expertise and thirst for change into deploying technology to help time and money for the NHS. Fen setup FloKi Health for this primary purpose. Fen is extremely determined, constant and creative, with a large address book of talented teams.

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Following Fenwick’s first-hand experience as an NHS patient, he set his mind to developing a platform to support ward staff and hospital management.

A period of collaboration with a highly talented group of developers, project managers and marketers led to the creation of FloKi’s asset management platform for NHS hospitals. Watch the video to find out how it works.