Helping busy medical professionals find the devices they need
Track, manage and maintain your hospital's medical equipment with the FloKi Health mobile & desktop apps.
Asset Management for Medical Devices
Let's work together to bring patient care back to the forefront of every decision
Tagging Medical Devices

We harness the power of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to help medical staff find the equipment they need when they need it most.

Through a combination of tags, beacons of gateways, we create an infrastructure for medical device management that saves time and money for NHS Trusts.

Easily Find Devices

Track, monitor and manage medical devices with the FloKi mobile app. Ward staff can find the nearest tagged assets, find out if the equipment has been moved off the ward or discover whether it is under repair.

Integrate with existing systems

FloKi's medical device management technology integrates with your existing asset management system, so your facilities management team can gain a unique insight into value, usage and reliability of medical devices across your hospital.

Saving nurses one hour per shift*
Stop wasting time searching for medical devices, use the FloKi app.

*According to the Nursing Times, nurses spend over an hour per shift searching for the medical equipment they need to do their jobs. We’re helping save time and money for NHS Trusts by putting the power back into the hands of ward staff with the FloKi Mobile App.

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Tap into valuable data
The FloKi desktop dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of all tagged medical devices, including the location, status and compliance.
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FloKi desktop dashboard
Imagine what you could do with more time
Empowering NHS Trusts to make better informed decisions, save time and increase equipment uptime.

FloKi started with one simple question…

How could we help the NHS?

For over three years, we’ve been working with, and listening to, NHS staff across the UK, to find out how technology improve efficiency.

What does efficiency mean to us? Well, it’s about improving the working lives of NHS staff and creating more time for patient care.

Our solution involves tagging assets, so staff can easily locate what they need when they need it. Not only does this improve efficiency, but it provides invaluable data insight that will inform positive change at every level.

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Why your NHS Trust needs FloKi Health
Find out more about the features and benefits of our unique medical asset management software.
Patients Come First

Save time for ward staff so they can maximise patient care.

Ensure Compliance

Gain insight into medical device compliance, including the value of compliant and non-compliant assets.

Floki Beacon ID
Business Intelligence On-Demand

Gain insight into medical device compliance, including the value of compliant and non-compliant assets.

Discover New Opportunities

Bring data to the forefront of every decision and allow innovation to spark new opportunities.

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    Putting the power in your hands
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